Stolt-Nielsen Values

Communicate what you think, feel and want. Be courageous, honest and constructive. Work toward common goals and share awards. Decide, execute and hold each other accountable. Stand united as one team. Build a culture of discipline and respect. Encourage diversity and challenge each other to bring bold and creative ideas to the team. Pick up the phone. Make the right decisions even if it is tough rely upon and support one another.

We Deliver Value

To our customers

By continuously emphasizing quality and making it easy to do business with us. That means doing things right the first time, delivering our commitments, and providing an integrated global network that meets or exceeds customer expectations for efficiency and safety.

To our people

By nurturing an environment that encourages teamwork, communication, innovation, and personal development. Our goal is to provide the tools and rewards that inspire employees to continuously improve our business and the relationships that support it.

To our strategic partners

By building sustainable, long-term relationships with partners who are committed to helping us deliver our quality and value promises to customers. We recognize that our strategic partners are a vital link in our ability to satisfy our customers worldwide.

To our shareholders

By focusing on the key financial and operational drivers that create consistent revenue growth, higher profits, and best-in-industry returns. We aim to generate consistent results for our shareholders by focusing on efficiency, innovation, effective risk management, and excellent communication.

To all our stakeholders

By conducting our business in a manner that is safe for our employees , our customers, our neighbors, and the environment. We are committed to good corporate citizenship and will comply with and actively promote the safety and ethical standards of our customers, our industry, and the nations around the globe where we do business.