SNL Group

Stolt Tankers and Terminals is one of the largest and most sophisticated parcel tanker operators in the world. Through its modern fleet, global network of terminals, storage facilities and tank containers, SNL offers a powerful range of capabilities to its customers.

Worldclass manufacturers and users of specialty chemicals, food-grade oils and spirits, acids, and other specialty liquids around the world turn to Stolt Tankers to meet their transportation needs.

SNL is particularly proud to be the company most often selected when specialized cargoes present difficult handling requirements. Access to Stolt Tankers’s unique expertise even among those who may not routinely need it is a substantial consideration for many of our customers.

SNL combination of management and industry expertise, technical knowledge and service capabilities is unmatched in the industry. We maintain one of the most comprehensive and growing liquid-product databases in the world, with detailed handling criteria for more than 5,000 products. As an integral link in our customers’ supply chain, we treat each product with the same exacting care that it receives during its development and manufacture.

Stolt Tankers values the long-term relationships that it has built with many of its customers. By focusing on long-term contractual relationships, SNL and its customers can work together to develop unique solutions that reduce costs while increasing efficiency and utilization.

As each customer’s product moves on a global basis, inventory is transported and stored at key locations along the supply chain. Stolt Tankers rigorously manages this process to hold expenses down, while ensuring that demand is met without fail.

Stolt Tankers logistics experts, leveraging sophisticated information technology and our worldwide network of tankers, terminals and tank containers, get the job done. Around the world, 24hs, Stolt Tankers delivers unrivaled quality, reliability, safety and cost efficiency in service to our customers.

Stolthaven Terminals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL). In addition, SNL owns Stolt Sea Farm, a leading producer and marketer of high quality Atlantic salmon, salmon trout, turbot, halibut, sturgeon, caviar, bluefin tuna, and tilapia.