On these pages you will get to know a little more about Stolthaven Santos, as well as some of the history and the relationship of all of SNL Group companies around the world.

Storage Capacity

Stolthaven Santos offers the most sophisticated storage and handling services in independent bulk liquid terminals.

With 95 tanks and capacity for 149.625 thousand cubic meters, Stolt can store a wide variety of products, such as organic raw material, petroleum derivatives, acids, greases, lubricating and vegetables oils, animal fat, ethanol, methanol and many others.

Quality in Storage and Handling

The facilities include 7 special stainless steel tanks and 9 pipelines linking the terminal to the Alemoa Pier, being 3 of 10 ” inches in stainless steel, 5 of 8 ” inches in stainless steel and 1 of 8 ” inches in carbon steel.

Two new lines are being projected for the future besides a standardized system of maneuvers that will make possible operations among tanks, ships, trucks and wagons.

Loading and Unloading Truck Platform

Our facilities possess platforms for truck loading and unloading, with capacity to operate up to 60 vehicles simultaneously in closed systems with total emission control.

Strategically Located

Stolthaven Santos has 3 berthing cradles at the Alemoa Pier (Largo do Caneu) in the Santos Port, besides immediate access to the compound Anchieta/Imigrantes and still a project for the installation of a rail line. All this to facilitate the transport to Brazil and the foreign countries.