Integrated Policy

Stolthaven Santos Ltda. establishes, implements and maintains an Integrated Management System Policy as follows:


It is Stolthaven's commitment to satisfy and supply its Customers with services of receiving, storing and distributing liquid products in bulk, through an Integrated Management System, aiming, through the coordinated effort of its employees, to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Continuously improve the management and performance of our processes and services;
  2. Comply with the standards of Quality, Safety, Environmental and Occupational Health as well as all applicable requirements, licenses and other required by the organization;
  3. Identify and implement methods to reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of processes in order to maximize profitability and competitiveness to Stolthaven and its customers.
  4. Continuously improve our processes and services in order to identify and reduce the safety and occupational health risks as well as negative impacts on the environment;
  5. Act proactively in the protection to the environment, pollution prevention and occupational injuries and illnesses prevention;
  6. Continuously seek the increase on customer satisfaction;
  7. Involve employees at all levels of the organization, in a continuous cycle of planning, implementing, revising, training and continuously improving our processes  aiming to fulfil the goals and objectives defined for the Integrated Management System;
  8. Keep an Integrated Management System in conformance to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


The Quality Committee is responsible for the implementation of this Policy and for the critical analysis and management of the necessary actions and resources, contemplating the significant aspects and dangers identified and the objectives and targets established, aiming at the pertinence, continuous improvement and effectiveness of Stolthaven’s Integrated System management.

General Management undertakes the commitments set forth in this Policy and ensures that it will be disclosed to all employees working under the control of the organization and other stakeholders with the intention that they become aware of their individual obligations.