Integrated Policy

SHVNS wishes to continuously improve the quality of services and maintain an effective management system, its main goal to pursue the excellence of its administrative and operational processes.

Strategic policies and planning provide a framework for setting quality objectives and the search for the deployment of elements of an effective management system.

The Integrated Management System deployed in SHVNS includes recognition of the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders, identifying and meeting applicable legal requirements, removal of environmental hazards and the operational and administrative activities of the terminal, with evaluation and identification of those able to cause environmental impacts and significant health risks.

Management Policy

  • Continuously improve the management and performance of our processes;
  • Meet or exceed relevant standards, as well as all applicable legal requirements, licenses and other subscribed requirements;
  • Identify and implement methods to reduce operating costs;
  • Identify and reduce the risks of safety and occupational health and negative impacts on the environment;
  • Work with prevention of pollution and prevention of injuries and illnesses;
  • Maintain and continuously seek the satisfaction of customers;
  • Involve employees at all levels of the organization, aiming to fulfill the goals and targets set;
  • Keep an Integrated Management System certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.