In this page you will find information on all of the certifications that Stolthaven possesses and will have access to some of our certificates.

CDI-T Accreditation (Chemical Distribution Institute – Terminals)

The Stolthaven Santos Inspection Report was included in Data Base of the CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute – Terminals), an international institution, based in Holland, that created international parameters for Terminals and audits and accredits them, putting their inspections online for customers ‘and potentials customers’ consultation.

SHVNS was the second Terminal of Brazil to integrate the CDI-T in the Section “Terminal Operator”, by a request of ABIQUIM Brazilian Association of the Chemical Industries and CEFIC–European Council of the Chemical Industries. The report of SHVNS is based on CDI-T’s Revision 3/04.

Stolthaven Register at the FDA – Food & Drug Administration

Stolthaven is also registered at the FDA – FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION, Sanitary Surveillance Control Agency at the United States, in compliance to the request of the Bioterrorism Act/2002.

This law went into effect on 12/12/2003, and it was elaborated by the United States government to control the products for human and animal feeding, besides beverage.

The section no. 305–Registration of Companies, of the Bioterrorism Act explains that “every proprietor, operator or agent entrusted of a local or foreign company (factory, deposit or importer establishment) that manufactures, processes, packs or stocks victuals or alimentary supplements destined to human or animal consumption in the United States should make a registration on the FDA. In the case of foreign companies, the registration should still contain, an American agent’s name that can answer for the foreign company in case of emergency.

The Stolthaven Santos registration number: 154.017.175-52

Below is further certificates Stolthaven Santos. In parenthesis, its expiration date.

Obs.: Some certificates might be delayed due to governamental agencies lack of timing.

ISO 9001:20015


ISO 14001:2015


OHSAS 18001:2007




Federal Police


State Safety Secretary


Army Certificate


Port Operator Permit


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